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Google Cloud
Newsletter  |  April 2018
New ways to secure businesses in the cloud
From boot to deployment and beyond: Over 20 security enhancements further harden Google Cloud to keep you covered.
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Explore Google Cloud security news and resources

Explore Google Cloud security news and resources

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VPC Flow Logs introduce near-real-time network transparency

VPC Flow Logs introduce near-real-time network transparency

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Experts. Ideas. Community. Join us at Google Cloud Next ’18.

Experts. Ideas. Community. Join us at Google Cloud Next ’18.

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Forrester: Google, a public cloud development platform leader
Forrester’s latest report cites a $30.9 billion infrastructure investment and a fully managed serverless platform as top reasons GCP continues to rise.
GCP receives FedRAMP authorization
GCP is now cleared for use by US federal, state, and local government customers. Side benefit: Those seeking FedRAMP authorization can now streamline certification by inheriting IaaS and PaaS controls from GCP.
Google and Netflix introduce Kayenta for canary analysis
For continuous delivery at any scale, changes need to be fast – and safe. Kayenta, an open-source automated canary analysis service, lets teams reduce the risk associated with high- velocity deployments to production.
Google Kubernetes Engine private clusters now in beta
Deploy cluster nodes that can only be accessed from within the trusted Virtual Private Cloud – with the master node completely blocked from internet access by default. For more on locking down containers, check out this overview.


New Cloud Armor: policy-driven defense at scale for internet-facing services

Feature-rich, highly customizable Cloud Armor gives you Google-grade protection against DDoS attacks.

Cloud Data Loss Prevention API now GA for text, images, storage, and databases

Discover, classify, and redact sensitive, personally identifiable information at rest – and in real time – across GCP.

Introducing Stackdriver APM and Stackdriver Profiler

Analyze, debug, and tune your apps – even as they run in production – with zero impact on your users’ experiences.

Expand your knowledge: an exploded view of the GCE create an instance dialog

Sometimes it’s easy to forget just what Google Compute Engine can do – until it’s all laid out in front of you.

AutoML Vision answers one man’s burning question: Which shop made my ramen?

Using machine learning to classify everything from ramen to branded goods is as easy as uploading photos. Trained on 48,000 images in 18 minutes, AutoML Vision got it right 94.5% of the time.

Highlights from the TensorFlow Dev Summit 2018

Machine learning is changing fields from astrophysics to air traffic control. Watch how, or learn for yourself with MIT’s Introduction to Deep Learning.


Modernize IT with Google Cloud, Red Hat, and Rackspace

April 27

Google I/O 2018

May 8–10

JFrog swampUP

May 16–18

Informatica World 2018

May 21–24


Live webinars held weekly by Google Cloud experts. Visit Cloud OnAir to see all upcoming sessions.

Deploy like Netflix and Google with Automated Canary Analysis

May 1, 9 AM PT

Get started with Kubeflow for Kubernetes

May 15, 9:45 AM PT


Get a technical introduction to GCP at Cloud OnBoard, a free, instructor-led training event slated for multiple cities throughout North America.



I still remember, this is how I first dipped my toes into “the cloud”: adapting a friend’s little browser game to deploy in AppEngine. Congrats on 10 years!


Felipe Hoffa #Google on balancing privacy and open data. Their api can deidentify data but sharing problems of how even with just a couple of identifiers a person can be found. #TicTec

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